Best 3 Androids Phones That Are Worth Waiting For in 2015


Certainly Androids are astonishing. On this  review with regards  the best three  Android phones worth waiting for in 2015. You will be mesmerized, its a promise. Halt a minute;  don’t pull the prompt on that latest Android phone about
We’re meager weeks away from the formal unveiling of numerous
flagship devices including the new Samsung Galaxy device.The last software you
want is to globule hundreds on a new device or sign up for a two-year contract
only to get a negative impression behind the times and a few days later. 
Let’s figure out what’s worth
waiting for and when you’ll see it.

Galaxy S6
Samsung Galaxy S6 Review by Jay science-techblog
Samsung didn’t see the brilliant or thoughtful
response it wanted or was expecting from the Galaxy S5. In fact, some reports
claim its sales were between 35-40% below anticipations.

 The Korean company
knows it needs to win back the unpredictable consumer, and that should make for
a very interesting Galaxy S6 announcement at MWC 2015 in a few weeks.

There have been a few disclosures of
hypothetical specification  for this
device, but the most conceivable relate to Samsung device with the model
number SM-G925F. According to benchmarks for this device, the Galaxy S6 will
have Android 5.0, a 2560×1440 AMOLED screen (possibly 5.1-inches again), a
64-bit octa-core Exynos ARM chip, 3GB of RAM, 20MP camera, and 32GB of storage.
There has been speculation that the Exynos will stand in for the Snapdragon
810, which would usually be used in the US.

Samsung is whispered  or understood to
be undressing out a number of its own Samsung applications and services to slim
down the TouchWiz.
 Android ROM is used on the Galaxy S6.
Instead of some jumble you’ll never use, the Galaxy S6 will ship with some encompassed
Microsoft apps that you actually might use. I suppose that’s still bloat ware
of a variety, but at least it’s a useful bloat.

The factual test of Samsung’s
doggedness will come in the build quality, which was one of the knocks on the
Galaxy S5. It’s not that it was a delicate phone, but the fully plastic frame
didn’t feel very premium. The Galaxy Alpha and Note 4 have delivered a hint of
where Samsung is going, but it needs to get there fast. The speculation render
above comes from The great  designer Martin

HTC One M9

HTC One M9


A lot of information on the upcoming HTC , One refresh have infiltrated to
the surface in recent weeks, including a acceptable render of the device in two
dissimilar flavors.
There will be a device of around 5-5.2-inches that is the
replacement for the HTC One M8, and a larger device that will either be One
branded or could be grouped into the Desire family. The smaller one is what
everyone will be clamoring for, so let’s see what we know.

The M9 will be distinguishable as an
HTC phone, but it looks to be more of a hybrid of the M7 and M8 approach to anybody
metal design. The device will lose some of the extra bezel that made the M98 so
tall and the edges are a little more angular. On the back will allegedly be a
single 20MP camera instead of a Duo Camera setup, which never really caught on
HTC will undoubtedly be jabbing with
a 1080p LCD as an alternative of going to 1440p. The reason for this is simply
that LCD technology is still pugnacious with the badly-behaved of brightness
vs. power usage at higher than 1080p resolution on phones. 
The M9 should, however, get awesome
battery life thanks to the continuing use of 1080p. Internally, the M9 has been
rumored to pack an octa-core Snapdragon 810 processor, 3GB of RAM, and 32GB of
storage. HTC has only recently returned to effectiveness, so this is a crucial

Google Project Ara

Google Project Ara Review  

The soon to be launched Project Ara seemed like an  elaborate and decorative anecdote when it was
first announced. Was it April 1st? No? Huh. The Ara modular phone was congenital
by Google when it took over Motorola’s ATAP group before selling the rest of
the company off to Lenovo, and it’s not hard to see why it held onto this
division. Ara is one of those moonshot things Google dears so much, but Google
has been talking about Ara becoming a real product in early 2015.I don’t know
about that, but it’s almost certainly making an appearance at Google I/O 2015
in May.

The core of Ara will have a screen
attached to a frame which provide accommodations  in a variety of hardware modules for RAM,
storage, batteries, cameras, and more. Even wacky niche stuff like projectors
could be attached. You will be able to build the phone you want, and upgrade it
as new modules come out. To make this work, Google is developing a special
branch of Android 5.0 that will support hot-swapping most of these components.
Project Ara will come in several
sizes, including small form factors that could cost as little as $15 (before
modules). This could be the next big thing. And i hope your all waiting for it…

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