Online revenue generation in restaurant business


 Written By: Sneha Agrawal
Essentially, there are two
words that describe a restaurant business; ambience and cuisine. However, the
shape of this business is changing and the ambience part of the business is
becoming less important. We now see two segments of people in this industry;
one who still believes that dining out is an experience and thus must be
enjoyed in a beautiful ambience. There are others, who just enjoy the food part
of restaurant and feel best if that food is delivered at their door step. The
important question is, are the restaurant owners ready for this kind of
paradigm shift and if not what are the factors they should be looking at?

are a few important requisites of handling online crowd
Good e-commerce
There is a process of liking
some dish; it starts with eyes, goes till nose and then finally enters mouth.
In online orders, the actual look and smell of the food can only be imagined by
a customer. So, it is important that a restaurant brand site should portray a
delicious and mouth-watering picture for its customers. The website should
contain a detail menu with good quality pictures of actual food preparations.
with food delivery sites
With advent of e-commerce, we
find a lot of online intermediaries playing their part in restaurant business.
There are sites which give out a list of eateries, their menu with price, and
facilitate online ordering; however are not directly linked with logistics
part. It becomes convenient for consumers to browse these sites and get all
they want. This phenomenon is still in its nascent stage but it has become
important for a restaurant to collaborate with these sites.

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