Liguid Metal Nano-Terminators Improve Cancer Treatment


Nanotechnology is indeed technology for the future. This technology operates in a highly classified scale consisting of nano units. Where all molecules or matter operates at their best. 

There have been series of innovative research in the area of nanoscience, and recently researchers have developed a new drug delivery method that uses liquid metal to
target cancer cells and increase the efficiency of cancer medications.

Created by teams from two North Carolina Universities, the
biodegradable liquid metal carriers—dubbed ‘nano-terminators’—are made from a
gallium alloy liquid metal that has been placed in a solution containing
polymeric ligands. Ultrasound was then used to break the metal into in
droplets, and a chemotherapy drug is added to the solution. While one of the
ligand types attaches to the drug to hold it, the other ligand seeks out and
binds with cancer cells, delivering the drug directly to the source.

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