It is a maxim that, “poverty is
not the lack of money but the lack of knowledge and ability”. Poverty is not
tied up to money only. Some people are poor in many areas like; relationship,
finance and communication to name a few. But our focus here will be on finance.

If everyone wants to be
financially successful then why isn’t everyone rich? The answer is not a simple
one, but I have created this list to help you show mistakes people make that
keep them from achieving success in their finances.

1. They have limiting
beliefs about life and money
Poor people believe they are
creatures of circumstances. Because of this, life happen to them. Rich people
believe they are the creator of circumstances.
Because of this, they create
opportunities within their lives. The poor blame anyone and everyone for why
they don’t have what they want. They use sentences that start with, “it is
because”. For example, “it is because the economy is bad that is why I don’t
have want I want” or “it is because money doesn’t really matter that I don’t
have as much as I would like”. By justifying your current situation you accept
your current situation.

2.They Complain Too
When you complain, what do you
focus on? All the crap in your life and if you focus on all the crap in your
life what do you become? A magnet that attract more crap. Also, you must
distance yourself from those around you who do nothing about the current
situation but complain as they may influence your state in a negative way.
Poor people believe money
doesn’t matter. Rich people value money and know it matters. I am not saying
that money create happiness, but a lack of money is a passport to misery. Money
allows for the freedom to do the things that you want to do. I say solve the
money problem and others will be minor.

3.They Are Afraid To
The fear of failure is the
beginning of failure and also the greatest single obstacles to success in adult
life. Everyone is afraid of making mistake and being set back. There are three ways
to conquer fear.
(a).Embrace Fear And Let
It Motivate You:
people who take the advantage of using fear as a motivator achieve their goals
and do so by acknowledging their fear without letting it ruin their enjoyment
of their success.
      (b)   Take Fear As A Natural
    (c)    Have A Plan B: if you feel your
plan is going to fail, then have a plan B. that can conquer the fear of
     On the contrary, most successful
millionaires says, “failure is not an option”. Though not everybody has that
faith, but if you do , then it going to work for you.
     4.  They Don’t Pay
Themselves First
A part of all earn is your to
keep, and if you cannot save money, the seeds of greatness are not in you”, as
said by W. Clement Stone. This means that anyone, even a person earning minimum
wage, if he or she starts early enough and saves long enough, can become a
millionaire over the course of his or her working lifetime.
      Developing the lifelong habit of saving
and investing your money is not easy. It requires discipline and commitment.
You have to set it as a goal, write it down, make a plan, and work on it all
the time.
     Practice frugality in all things. Be very
careful with every penny. Question every expenditure. Delay every important
buying decision for at least a week. The longer you put off making a buying
decision for at least a week. The longer you put off making a buying decision,
the better your decision will be and the better price you will get at that
time. Put necessities, not luxury first.
     Resolve today that you are
going to save and invest at least 10% of your income throughout your working
life. Take 10% of your income every month and put it into a special
account for financial accumulation. This process has worked for everyone who
has ever tried it, including me. Try it and see for yourself.
    5.  They Act As Slave To
Pay check
The top 3% of Americans see
themselves as self-employed, no matter who signs their pay checks. The highest
mistake you can ever make is to think hat you work for anyone other than
yourself. You are always self-employed. No matter where you might be working at
the moment.
    When you see yourself as self-employed, you
develop an entrepreneur mentality, the mentality of highly independent,
self-responsible individuals. Instead of waiting for things to happen you make
things happen. You see yourself as the boss of your life because that’s who you
are. This is the mindset of the rich people.
   Identify your favourite reasons and excuse
for not committing wholeheartedly to your financial goals. Is there anyone or
anything in your life that you are blaming or complaining for holding you back?
Whatever it might be, accept complete responsibility for your life and take
action today! 
Author: Okon Joseph, Principal Consultant/CEO at World Inspired International.

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