Android N Can Show Emergency Information on Your Lock Screen


Yesterday I had to update  you guys about the Android N. This new
flagship device  is generating a lot of buzz with
its  enclosed split-screens and enhanced/superior
battery life, but there’s also a potentially life-saving feature that comes
with the most recent Android alteration.

 The android N device posses an
incredible feature, called the emergency info. The Emergency Info screen will
let you insert details including name, address, date of birth, blood type,
known allergies, medication and medical conditions, and more, Droid Life reports. You can also specify an emergency contact.
At this moment, as long as Android phone
owners fill out these medical profiles in advance, first responders can find
vital information about them without delay. The emergency info will demonstrate
particularly useful in cases where the long-suffering is alone and comatose or
unable to speak for other reasons best known to him or her.


Currently, for the feature to work professionally,
an emergency service provider has to know how to take your phone, get to the
lock screen, hit an emergency key, and find the Emergency Info tab on the next
screen. Seems tedious? Perhaps. But it’s a simple safety measure that could
prove enormously useful in an emergency.
When setting up the innovative OS, users will
be encouraged to add information for this feature. If you decide to skip the
setup, you can return to the “Users” section in the Settings menu at
a later date. Following that, the emergency panel will be accessible through
the lock screen, but apparently only if the phone has a password.
Furthermore, When iOS 8 was launched, Apple decided
to introduce a similar functionality with Medical ID built into the Health
application for iPhones. It can also be accessed through the lock screen.  Recently a thread  on a Reddit  shows
that hospital workers and cops often check iPhones for this vital information
now, so Android seems to be heading in the right direction.
According to close source, the emergency information can’t be easily altered or edited from
the lock screen, so no one will be able to tamper with it. Nonetheless, your
personal information is visible to anyone who can get their hands on the phone, which
could be a risk if it is lost or stolen.
If you think your information is not safe, try using the novel android N and lets hear your testimony…

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