How To Upload Videos Into Your YouTube Channel Account

Upload Videos Into Your YouTube Channel Account

YouTube is a video platform owned by Google. YouTube enables users to showcase anything related to video.

Users and lovers of YouTube also earn huge income from this simple process of video showcasing by monetizing their videos on this YouTube.

Users can easily upload videos of anything there are doing into their specific you tube channels and make money from it at the same time.

Have you tried uploaded that videos of yours into YouTube,? and you’ve been having issues, kindly follow this guide now.

First step: Visit and you will be presented with the ultimate youtube video  platform as shown below.

Step two: The next thing for you to do is to search for upload, this is located at the top right corner of the website, see screen short below;

Once you click on it , you will immediately be taken to this section where you can upload the desired video of your choice to YouTube.

N/B: You must a Gmail account, which invariably means you must have sign in into your Gmail account already before trying to upload videos. You might be interested in reading this if you dont have a Gmail account. How to Creat a Google Gmail Account

Step three: Here you are through with your work, that is uploading your videos correctly without any error. Kindly click on the select files to upload and you will be taken to the section where your videos are, pick the desired video and return back to see it uploading immediately. 

To ensure that your video is properly uploading, this is indicated by a percentage increase like this ….%3-99% downloading rate.

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