BlackBerry makes its Hub software available for all Android Marshmallow devices


Today, BlackBerry publicly  announced that
it is embarking on assembly of its Hub software available for all Android
devices running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or newer.
The Hub, which combines email, messaging, social networking, and
other accounts mutually in one control panel, was beforehand only obtainable on
BlackBerry’s own Android and BlackBerry 10 devices, such as the Priv or
the newly released DTEK50.
Furthermore, The
BlackBerry Hub+, as it will be known in Google’s Play Store, will be on hand to
use for free for 30 days. After that, users can decide on to see infrequent ads
or pay a $0.99 per month subscription for an ad-free know-how. The company
says this is just the first software service from its new Mobility
Solutions Group and that more are in the works. BlackBerry also says that it is
working to make the Hub+ available for Android Lollipop devices, as
well. The Hub and all of its related features and services will remain
included at no extra charge on BlackBerry’s own device.
The gratis app includes the Hub itself, BlackBerry Calendar, and
a password administrator channel. Those that pay for the subscription will also
get right of entry to BlackBerry’s Contacts, Tasks, Device Search, Notes,
and Launcher.
subscription-based software loom is presently the most recent step in
BlackBerry’s evolution from relying on hardware device sales to becoming more
of a software and service company. Despite the fact that the bulk of
BlackBerry’s business remains in providing enterprises and governments with
secure device-management services, a consumer-accessible app service such as
the Hub could provide it with an additional revenue stream, provided it’s able
to attract productivity-minded consumers.
The experiment
version of the Hub is likely to be offered in the Google Play Store opening

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