MUST READ! Popular Bitcoin Investment Site Seems to Have Crashed

Popular Bitcoin Investment Site Seems to Have Crashed

Most Popular Bitcoin Investment Site ( Seems to Have Crashed-currently gone offline/down just like MMM Nigeria. At about 9:00pm yesterday when  i tried having access to my Bitcoin investment about 0.0992BTC .
This was the pop up screen short i saw;

As a matter of fact, I decided to keep my heart,finger and mouth crossed without feeling any breeze. This morning i decided to access Aimbtc site although series of information around the web have pointed out insisting that Aimbtc investment site is a scam. But i wanted to check/verify it without much ambiguity.
Once you try visiting aimbtc currently, here is what you will see

Aimbtc is one of the trusted BTC investment company online,why? because looking at the Alexa rank, you  don’t need any body to convince you otherwise. So how come, there are scam? thats my question. After all this question, when requesting for withdrawal from the dashboard, a blanc page/window will always pop up. Will aimbtc be back later today or tomorrow? May be they’ve gone on break just like MMM Nigeria, nobody knows. Please Nigerians be careful.

Wishing everyone merry Christmas and prosperous New year Ahead.

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