How to Repair Print Spooler Issues

How to Repair Print Spooler Issues

Print Spooler is one of many Windows services that run by default the moment
you log into your computer. The service itself may not have any visible user
interface, but it works continuously in the background monitoring print jobs
that have been carried out by applications, such as Microsoft Excel and Word.
program file for this service is spoolsv.exe, and it functions as an
intermediary between the printer and the application that you attempt to print
from. If this service fails you will no longer be able to print.  

The Cause of Print Spooler Errors
Print Spooler errors are caused by a number of things, with the most common
being a defective driver. A defective or corrupted driver could be caused by a
failed installation or simply by the end user installing the wrong driver for
the device. In other situations, the spooler service may simply not be working
as it should. Lack of system resources is another cause of such errors when the
user attempts to print too many documents at once.
Symptoms of These Errors
are a number of symptoms associated with these errors, with the most common
being the following:
printer failing to print a document.
user receiving a stop error message while printing.
freezing while attempting to print a document.
How to Fix It
it comes to fixing Print Spooler errors, there are several things that you can
do. Attempting them all will ensure you rectify any problems you may be having
with this aspect of your computer system.
Restart Print Spooler Service
the Printer Spooler service is what you should attempt if you encounter errors
when you try to print too many documents at once.
A simple
restart of this service should be sufficient in rectifying such problems.
Anyway, you can do that, by doing the following:
1. First,
boot into your computer with a user profile that has administrative rights.
Then press Windows Key + R, this will load up the Run Command box, from here, type Services.msc into it and click on OK.

Once Services loads up, right click
on Print Spooler (from the list) and
click on Restart.

Note: Alternatively, you could restart the whole
system, which would achieve the same result, but take more of your time doing
Delete the Printer
is a good chance that the printer install has been corrupted, as a result, you
may want to consider removing it so that you can reinstall it. In order to do
that, you will need to do the following:
1. First,
ensure you have booted into your computer with the appropriate administrative
Then unplug your printer and disconnect it from your system.
Then press Windows Key + R, type Control Panel (into the Run
box) and click on OK.

Once Control Panel loads up, type Printer into the Search Control Panel box, then click on Devices and Printers.

Once Devices and Printers loads up
right click on your Printer Icon and
select Remove Device.

you have successfully removed your printer device, you will need to reinstall
the drivers for it again.
To do
that, I recommend you first visit the website of the manufacturer of your
printer. From there you should be able to download the latest drivers for your
printer and operating system.
you have successfully done that, run the installation file and follow the
onscreen instructions to install the printer.
Note: If you are unable to find drivers for your operating
system then it means the printer is not compatible with your operating system.
Remember, 64-bit drivers will only work on a 64-bit operating system; however
32-bit drivers should work on both 64-bit and 32-bit operating systems.
Run System Restore
If the
problems you are experiencing with your printer only recently started to occur,
then there is a strong chance that the problem is related to the spoolsv.exe
file, in which case, you may be able to repair it by using System Restore.
To run
this tool, simply do the following:
1. First,
boot into your computer with an administrative user profile.
Then press Windows Key + R, type rstrui.exe [Windows XP: %systemroot%system32restorerstrui.exe]
into the Run Command box and click
on OK.

Once System Restore loads up, follow
the onscreen instructions to set your system back to its previously working
state. Remember, you want to choose the last restore point that was created
before this problem started to rear its ugly head. The downside is that any programs
that were installed after this point may be lost, along with any drivers.

Note: The restore process can be quite
time-consuming, so please be patient.
Use Repair Software
If you
feel you lack the expertise to carry out the various tasks above, then there is
always repair software that you can use to do it for you. Print Spooler Repair Tool is a good example, I recommend you
download this tool and use it to fix the error. It’s an extremely easy tool to
use, just download, run and click on Repair
and you’re done.
Uchenna Ani-Okoye is a former IT
Manager who now runs his own computer support website
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