How to Add Google Analytics to your Blog

How to Add Google Analytics to your Blog

Google analytics is a very interesting tool for bloggers. With Google Analytics, bloggers and website owners can easily find out where readers are coming from and what they’re looking at on your blog. 
If your website is currently running with well perfected stats, dont assume Google Analytics is already activated,you have to implement it manually. In order to Add Google Analytics successfully to your website,kindly follow the guidelines/instructions below:

1. Kindly signup for Google Analytics account  if you dont have one already.
2.Locate your Google Analytics code on the top right end of your dashboard as shown below;
3. Carefully =>Add your Analytics code to your blogger dashboard, simply by login into your blogger account.

4. From you you have to Click on the blog you want to add the G.Analytics code.

5. In the left menu, click on Settings which should display other at the bottom.

6. From here, Under “Google Analytics,” type the Analytics tracking ID. It should practically contain this format: UA-XXXXX-XX.

7. Once you’re done adding the Analytics code, look up at the top right corner, click Save settings.

At this point you’re done adding Google Analytics code to your blog. Please note that this can take up to 24 hours for data to show up in Analytics.So have patience

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