How to design Google Photo Books on iOS or Android

From the desk of Googles innovation; tech rocks like bomb. Google recently announced at I/O 2017 last week, one of tthe mouthwatering episode featured the ability for people to craft and order physical albums with Google Photos. One of the basic problems subscribers/users re likely to encounter is that of which you could only use it through a desktop browser. Interestingly, the search giant has updated its Photos app on iOS and Android to support the new feature, letting you use your mobile device to easily order a book of your favorite images — which can be created automatically using Google’s AI.

Additionally, the softcover albums (7-inch, 20 pages) will actually go for $10, where as the more premium hardcover (9-inch, 20 pages) will be at $20. The sad news is that, users will only be able to buy one if you’re in the US, and Google is not projecting any extension in terms of bringing/taking the service elsewhere anytime soon.

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