This Infinix App Let You Download OTA Updates Faster

This Infinix App Let You Download OTA Updates Faster
Infinixmobility is  one of the most tech update currently working hard to ensure that you get your device upgraded to the latest version faster than you think but not only that, they’ve released an app which makes it easier to download OTA updates at the speed of light. Honestly, this amazing  app delivers software updates at accelerated download speeds even though you are on a slow network connection.

Infinix had earlier promised to release Android nougat update for Infinix S2, Zero 4, Note 3 and Hot 

This  novel app below will help you to get the download faster.

N/B: Before You Download..
Kindly ensure your battery is 100% charged or is connected to an uninterrupted power supply.

How Can I Download and Install it?=>>Download it here
=>>Install the downloaded apk
=>> Open the APK and wait for it to automatically load the update
=>> Click “Download” for the available OTA software upgrade. Once the download is complete, run it
=>>Your device will restart! You’ll be running the latest OS version

Be it as important as it may look, when  updating your latest Android OS, note that it might contain some bugs except you are willing to try it out.

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