Top 5 Highly Recommended Laptops To Buy In 2017


With no doubt, Computers are known to be great asset for both office and personal use in which their importance includes but not limited to calculation and performing financial tasks in an instant and easily!
Although in those primitive early age, the earliest computer were known to be large, sometimes very large to the extent of occupying a full room but nowadays, there have been portable computer known as laptop thus making it easier to carry all around.

With numerous laptops made by different brands and of different specs and size, it is almost hard to select one that would rock well for the purpose one wish to use it for. But at jaysciencetech, we have chosen the list of some recommended laptops you could get for yourself in 2017! you can browse our previous list of Top ten Laptop Brands to buy in Nigeria.

Top 5 Highly Recommended Laptops To Buy In 2017
1. HP Pavilion x360

HP laptops are one of the most populous laptop especially here in Nigeria in which majority regards the HP laptop as trusted, secured and flexible. The HP Pavilion X360 seems to be the newest generation paired with an Intel Core i3 2.3GHZ processor. It consists of 6GB RAM and 500GB hard drive storage!

Surprisingly, this laptop with the weight of 3.6 pounds has the ability to turn it’s display in 360-degrees! The power of the processor and RAM provides it enough power to Feature Windows 10 and over 6.5 hours of battery life.

2. Acer Inspire E5-575G

Acer just like HP is also a popular brand in the laptop market with their beautiful design! The laptop which is powered by Intel Core i5 with a processor of 2.8GHZ possess more enough power to handle heavy software like Photoshop or Video Editing. For the graphics, the card inclusive is NVIDIA GeFOrce 940MX with 2GB of independent memory while the storage device; an 8GB RAM and a 256GB hard drive!

This laptop has a 12-hour battery life and the inclusion of True Harmony speakers helps in offering a rich audio experience. For the display, it is 15.6 inch full HD 1366×768-pixel display to help in reducing reflections and glares.

3. HP Notebook 15

This version of HP laptop may not entirely be okay with power-hungry sers but it will do the needful for casual users who wanted to accomplish basic tasks at a timely fashion. This edition of HP came with Windows 10 operating system and has a 15.6-inch screen with 1366×768 resolution. The storage device came with a 500GB hard drive whilat the RAM is 4GB and also came with an SD Card reader!

HP Notebook 15 battery life lasts up to 5.5hour and is a little bit heavy weighing 4.74pound hence it would be super cool to use it as home or work laptop that is; not frequently carried all around.

4. Samsung Chromebook

Samsung like LG has been known for a long time for their supply of electronics which includes Smartphones and TVS. The Samsung Chromebook Laptop weighs 2.4 pounds and rotates 360 degrees. The inside is made up of 4GB RAm and 32GB flash memory storage to keep your apps and browser opened tabs running efficiently!

Less I forget to mention this, Chromebooks have been gaining more ground in the last few years and even though they still run the Chrome OS, but the experience is fun!

5. Asus E402MA

If you’re concerned about your budget then you should go for this laptop as it is still one of the cheapest notebooks out there. This does not hinder it from performing awesome functions as it’s display is of 1366×768 resolution with pre-installed 64-bit Windows 10 operating system and the battery life is capable of lasting up to seven hours between charges!

The hard drive is of 32GB which i think is small as Windows 10 would likely consume almost half of that space and the RAM is of 2GB which means you might not be able to run a lots of applications on it.

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  1. Maybe I'm a little bit addicted but the best laptop for me is MacBook Air. All my technical devices are from Apple Store and I don't want to change them for other trademarks. Also if you will look through rating of you will find out that MacBooks are the first ones everywhere and in each category.


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