How to Download Music from YouTube

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Over the years, YouTube has remained an online source for
enthusiastic minds to watch and download videos without restraint. Unarguably,
YouTube is greatly admired by millions of people as it paves the way for them
to make and post their own videos as well as download videos posted by others.

Despite serving as a great option for downloading videos,
many YouTube lovers find it hard to download songs from the social platform. As
a consequence, some people easily assume YouTube is solely meant for videos. Meanwhile,
this very post is aimed at showing you some three quick steps you should follow
in case you would like to download any YouTube music on your device.
As you remain stuck with this post, you will be shown how to
download music from YouTube by simply converting your preferred YouTube video
into MP3 which you can easily download to your device. This task is easily
performed with special tools such as Freemake YouTube, aTube Catcher and many
We’ve evaluated the video converters above but in
this post, you will be shown how to achieve your aim by using the online
video converter (provided by because it is straightforward and
doesn’t require downloading any software.
And quite amazingly,
this is available to users of internet-enabled devices such as Android, PCs,
tablets and many other smart devices. Just with your online video downloader,
you’re always good to go.
To download music
from Youtube, follow the step-by-step procedure below:
To get a particular song downloaded from YouTube, the first
thing is to find the YouTube video of that song. Then, locate the URL link of
that video so that it can be easily converted to MP3. With that done, copy the URL
link of the YouTube video.
In the online video converter, you will find an input field
into which you can enter the copied link of the YouTube video you are to

Below the input field, you will find an icon implying
Convert To. Click on this icon after pasting the copied URL link. With this
done, exercise little patience for the video to be converted. (NOTE: This process
takes only few seconds but at times, it might take some minutes if you operate
a slow network or when the server is heavily loaded).
Having successfully converted the YouTube video, you’re free
to download the MP3 file.
We chose this method since the required steps are
straightforward. If you however prefer using the special tools listed above,
you’re definitely free to do that.
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