How to Subscribe to 9Mobile Bonus Package that Doubles Your Recharges


At the exact moment it had to change its name to 9Mobile
from its previous brand name, lots of Nigerian subscribers were scared of
something about one of the country’s largest mobile networks. Verily, one could
suggest a bad outcome from the era Etisalat was reported embattled concerning
its status as a Nigerian mobile network. Then, many of its Nigerian customers
became agitated in fear of how to recover their membership. Meanwhile, their
worries rested on the condition that an announcement, from the reputable mobile
network, confirmed that Etisalat would cease operating in Nigeria.
However, the story changed and without ceasing its
operations across Nigeria, Etisalat has acquired a new name without losing its
ground as a consistent mobile network in Nigeria. Since its premium subscribers
have been assured that they are always at liberty of reaping usual data
benefits, we’re in high spirits and very glad to inform you that 9Mobile, as
you would always expect, has decided to wow everyone.
In its attempt to tally with other contenders within the
industry of mobile networks, 9Mobile has come up with its new mega offer which
provides its subscribers with 100% bonus on every single recharge. However,
this mega offer is only available to its customers who are subscribed to its
Easycliq plan.
Are you fond of making calls at a
very cheaper rate? Would you love to get
data bonuses as you recharge? If you have
a “yes’’ answer to any of these questions, the new Etisalat offer is
definitely for you, and just you.

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Again, it’s quite fascinating that the above offer comes in
three different kinds just to wow the subscribers with great options they can
choose from. Meanwhile, as an Easycliq subscriber, you could be opportune to
enjoy either of the three options within the package identified as “Easycliq

=>350% bonus for calls you make with Etisalat subscribers only

=>250% bonus for calls you make with any preferred network

=>100% bonus on your data plan subscriptions within the range of 50-500 MB

Are you dying to benefit from either
of these options? If yes, simply subscribe to the “Easycliq breakfree’’
by dialing *545# on your 9Mobile SIM (duly linked with the Easycliq plan).
Having done that, you’re open to
the following benefits if you subscribe to the first package which offers 250%
Receiving 250% bonus on any recharge beginning
from #10
Receiving 150% bonus on any recharge below #100
NOTE: The 100% bonus you get will be
divided into two. Then, the first 50% will be used for calls made with only
Etisalat subscribers while the second 50% will be suitable for all calls
regardless of the chosen network. Likewise, the validity of each bonus given
will not exceed 7 days.
For the second package which
offers 350% bonus, you will receive;

350% bonus on any recharge beginning from #10
(this allows you to call only 9Mobile subscribers)
250% bonus on any recharge below #100 (this
allows you to call 9Mobile subscribers at the rate of 50k/s)

NOTE: The validity of each bonus
given will not exceed 7 days.
For the third package which
offers 100% bonus on any data plan subscriptions within the range of 50-500MB,
you will receive;

100% bonus on any data plan you subscribe to,
particularly within the limit of 50-500MB
You are free to enjoy the main data at your own
discretion but the 100% bonus has a daily duration beginning from 10:30 PM and
ending at 5:00 AM.
NOTE: The validity of each data
bonus will not exceed 7 days.

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