How to Use GTBank Cardless Withdrawal


Over the years, the invention of the ATM system has generated freedom and fairness. Practically, lots of customers do not have to stare at bankers or argue with them over
banking issues at all times.

Without contacting your bank or any of its
subsidiaries, you’re always opportune to use the ATM as a facility for easing
banking tasks.

The ATM has paved the way for us to send and withdraw funds,
actually with the help of the debit card, without remaining at bank counters
for so long a time. In spite of this beneficial option, many customers still
feel aggrieved and by reason of this, they seem not to have found the use of
the ATM quite comfortable. With respect to this, we can cite a few instances
and relate them to this inconvenience.
To make withdrawal very convenient via the ATM system, banks
provide customers with ATM cards such as MasterCard but in spite of this, many
customers still stumble on difficulties in the event of withdrawing funds.
In certain conditions, some people wish they could withdraw
via the ATM without slotting their ATM cards into the machine. How incredible
an option this is! Yes, it’s very possible and never is it a fantasy. You can
safely perform withdrawal without the aid of your card –Cardless Withdrawal! Just as you would love to call it.
On a daily basis, numerous routines usually force slight
things to escape some people’s minds. Meanwhile, those things are not slight in
reality because they can make us lose great things. A convincing instance is
the ATM card that allows you to withdraw cash at your own discretion and
regardless of the time of day.
Are you always disappointed when you
have to withdraw without using your ATM card? Do
you find it inconvenient to take your card
to the ATM centre each time you need cash?
In its determined effort to help
customers avert financial disappointments particularly when they do not have
their debit cards and are in extreme need of cash, GTBank has come with a
facility that allows you to perform cardless
–Yes! Without your debit card!
How awesome is this?
Just with any mobile phone equipped with the phone number
you connected with your GTBank account, you’re on a safe path to the cardless
withdrawal service. But also noteworthy is that you
will bear a service charge which costs #50. How cheap is this? If compared with
the benefits of the service, I guess the service is pretty cheap.
Now, follow these steps each
time you desire a cashless withdrawal
experience using your GTBank account:
Using your phone number (actively linked with your
GTBank account), dial *737#
From the options you will be provided, select
“Cardless Withdrawal’’
Fill in the amount to be withdrawn
Click on the button that signifies “Ok’’ in
order to confirm the amount entered
After that, fill in the last 4 digits of your
ATM (debit) card (NOTE: GTBank will deduct the provided
amount from your account instantly)
Having done that, you will be sent a 12-digit
number (serving as your Ref number)
Visit any nearby GTBank ATM centre and select
GTM Money
Provide the 12-digit Ref number you received
Provide your phone number (actively registered
with your GTBank account)
Input the amount you provided earlier
Then, you will be asked to provide the last 4
digits of the 12-digit Ref. number
Having done that, you will be provided an option
implying “Withdraw’’
Click on it to have your cash

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