The Benefits of Airtel Tariff Plan smartCONNECT


Among Nigeria’s longest-serving
and most reputable telecom companies, Airtel is undeniably a great mention. Though
the smart telecom company has changed its brand name over time, it remains committed to
offering its subscribers the best and most affordable tariff plans. In as much
as the telecom arena is occupied with huge competition, Airtel has shown much
commitment to maintaining its ground and extending its customer base

As far as Nigeria is concerned, many subscribers prefer the
tariff plans which will not quench their pockets but leave them with
considerable amounts to spend on other necessities. Meanwhile, every Nigerian
telecom company understands the need to persuade customers with great call
benefits. Consequently, the telecom companies try to emulate each other in
providing subscribers with call benefits.
With regard to the focal point of this post, Airtel offers
various cheap tariff plans but again, subscribers remain confused as to the
best affordable choice. And for customers who heavily make calls on local and
international bases, it is quite reasonable to opt for affordable tariff plans.

In many situations, people make prolonged calls during
business relationships and in this regard, it isn’t surprising that the best
part of Nigerians make calls for official purposes.
However, quite a few people do not make heavy calls for
business purposes, but actually for friendly interaction. Since these people
are considered affable, they fancy having phone conversations with their
beloved ones on a frequent basis. Meanwhile, Airtel has made its affordable
tariff plans available to each and every of its subscribers.
With the knowledge of certain USSD codes, you can easily
toggle between tariff plans based on your preference.  But in this post, we will show you some of the
great benefits you can derive from Airtel’s default tariff plan –smartCONNECT. Also noteworthy is that
this tariff plan has been analyzed and considered suitable based on its

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For lots of Airtel subscribers who are conversant with
various tariff plans, smartCONNECT
is not a new mention and based on this, it remains the default plan Airtel uses
in offering bonuses to its new prepaid customers.
Airtel’s smartCONNECT
has been regarded as one of the best tariff plans ever offered by the telecom
giant. However, it is strongly advisable that you should acquire a new Airtel
SIM if you wish to enjoy to this plan.
Without having to dial any USSD code, you can enjoy Airtel’s
smartCONNECT on your new and duly
registered pre-paid SIM because the tariff plan remains Airtel’s default bonus
If you’re subscribed to Airtel’s smartCONNECT, you can enjoy beneficial
offers including:
Free 15MB weekly data when you recharge N200 or
A total of 200% bonus when you recharge N200 or
N8000 bonus when you recharge with N1000
N4000 bonus when you recharge with N500
N2400 bonus when you recharge with N300
N1600 bonus when you recharge with N200
N800 bonus when you recharge with N100
Other than the benefits above,
smartCONNECT allows you to make night calls for a period of 7 hours starting
from 11pm and ending at 6am. Meanwhile, this offer comes at a call rate of

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