How to Migrate to Some of the Cheapest Airtel Tariff Plans

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Airtel has a reasonable variety of tariff plans from which
its customers may choose based on their preferences. As far as several other
network providers strive hard to offer their subscribers the cheapest tariff
plans they can afford, Airtel can never be left out of the bandwagon of cheap
tariff plans.

This very article contains some of the cheapest tariff plans
Airtel offers its subscribers. Also, you will find out how to migrate to any of these plans should you find a suitable option. So, remain clung to this post to
find out some of the best tariff plans you can experience as an Airtel
Airtel Value Plan
Launched in the current year (2017), Airtel Value Plan is
one of the most affordable tariff plans Airtel offers. With this tariff plan,
Airtel subscribers can make national calls to their desired Nigerian networks at
the cheap rate of 11k per second. Unlike some other tariff plans, Airtel
Value Plan doesn’t charge you for the first minute you spend on air. To migrate
to this plan, dial *234# When you recharge with just #100, Airtel Value Plan is
sure to give you about 15 minutes 15 seconds of talk time.
Airtel SmartVALUE
Just like Airtel Value Plan, Airtel SmartVALUE is another
tariff plan that doesn’t charge you for the first minute you spend on air. When you
migrate to this plan, Airtel offers you a call rate of 15kb per sec for any
national call made to your preferred Nigerian network such as Airtel, Etisalat,
MTN, etc. On the other hand, Airtel SmartVALUE offers you a call rate of 20kb
per sec for international calls to China, U.S.A, UK Landline, India and Canada.
On this plan, you’re sure to spend about 11 minutes 11 seconds on air when you
recharge with just #100. You can migrate to this plan by dialing *314#
Airtel SmartConnect
As a long-standing Airtel subscriber who enjoys being on the
best tariff plan, you should believe that this is one of the best tariff plans
Airtel currently has in its stables. Since Airtel SmartConnect serves its
subscribers right at all times, below are some of the benefits you can derive
by migrating to the plan:
A weekly offer of #300 simply known as family
and friends bonus: you get this when you recharge with #200 or more
A 200% bonus that applies to every recharge of
#200 or more
Night Call
of 7hrs (from 11:PM to 6:AM) at the call rate of 11kb per sec
A weekly data bonus of 15MB for every recharge
of #200 or more
About 10 minutes of talk time when you recharge
with just #100
Notably, Airtel allows its customers to easily migrate to
this plan using their new prepaid Airtel SIM cards. To migrate to the plan, you
can just purchase a new prepaid Airtel SIM card and visit any nearby Airtel
Customer Care outlet to get it activated.

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