How to Send Unlimited Text Messages on MTN without Being Charged

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Technology has made it convenient for humans to speak with
each other. With the help of telecommunications –as a facet of technology –you
can hear the voice of your farway friend and quite interestingly, this is one
of the pleasures which beautify our present-day world.
It is always important to have a reliable medium of
communication especially when you’re at a distant location away from friends or
relatives. To ensure our communication with distant friends becomes easy, we
try to recharge our mobile phones with sufficient airtime. But in certain
cases, you might have exhausted your airtime balance even when you need to
communicate urgently with a friend or relative.

As you would believe, you need some credit balance to either
make a call to a friend or send them a text message. What do you do if there is
no credit in your account balance whereas you need to contact someone
To guide against that, do you know MTN allows you to send multiple text messages to your friend even when your account balance is stark empty? Are
you still doubting this? 
There is a trick (or you might call it a CHEAT) that allows
you to send multiple SMS using your MTN SIM card especially when you’re out of
airtime. Although some cheats usually require tricky and rounabout steps, this
one I’m about to show you is pretty easy and will cost you no difficulty to
So, find out the easy steps below so that you can send
thousands of text messages to your friends even as your account balance reads
Simple Steps Required to Send SMS without Being Charged
Create a text message with your recipient’s
phone number and the message content
Before sending the message, input the 5-digit
number 38708 in the text message (NOTE: You’re to place this 5-digit number
just before the phone number you’re sending the text message to)
If for instance your recipient’s phone number is
08135399644, you can complete the second step explained above by changing
08135399644 to 3870808135399644 (NOTE: Ensure there is no space between the
5-digit number and your recipient’s phone number)
With the above instructions entailed, you can
now send your text message and as soon as it is successfully delivered, expect
MTN to notify you with an in-time message, implying that a sum of #0.00 was
deducted from your account
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