Easiest Way to Download YouTube Videos without Using Software

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YouTube has been around for years and it is unarguably the
most used video-specific platform. On a daily basis, YouTube is visited by a
multitude of video lovers who would like to watch videos or simply download
them. YouTube videos are available in various formats such as 3gp, flv and MP4.
Meanwhile, this makes YouTube the most recommended video-specific platform for
users of various mobile brands such as Java, Android, IOS etc.

One of the interesting aspects of YouTube is that you’re
allowed to hold a YouTube account required to share various kinds of video
clips. In that case, numerous online visitors can come across the videos you
share on YouTube especially if you wish to make them public.
Without any dubious feelings, YouTube is an easy-to-use
platform but unfortunately, some people find it difficult to download their
favourite videos without any hassle. In order to overcome this hurdle,
experienced users will recommend several useful software tools to you. Truly
there are effective software tools for downloading YouTube videos but looking
around the web for YouTube video downloaders might be another arduous task.
Therefore, this very article is your guide on how to
download YouTube videos without the aid of any software tool. Moreover, this
download method is suitable for users of computers, Java phones, Symbian phones
and even Android devices.
Steps to Download YouTube Videos without Using Any Software

Visit www.youtube.com
on your PC or mobile
To open the video you wish to download, navigate
to the video and click on it
This prompts a new page to emerge. On the new
page, navigate to the address bar of your browser
You will find the video’s URL within the address
Then, replace the https://www.
at the beginning of the URL with ss (Let’s assume the video’s URL is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hkx7
, just replace it with ssyoutube.com/watch?v=Hkx7)
With the above done, the new page will present
you an option to download the selected video
Likewise, you will be shown various file types
such as MP4, 3gp, flv, etc. depending on the video format you prefer
To begin the download, click on your desired
video format

Also, you can be given the option to watch the
video as you download it

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