How to Attach “Read More’’ Links within Articles on Blogger

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It is important to attach links within articles. By doing
this, you can easily refer your visitors to relevant articles which can give
them further insight into a certain article. Also, this triggers your visitors
to read more articles on your blog whenever they visit it.

If for instance you have a specific blog post on Toyota
Camry models, you can attach a link about Toyota Corolla models within the
post. With this done, interested readers may decide to click on the attached
link (about Toyota Corolla models) after going through Toyota Camry models.
Besides the information above, attaching “read more’’ links
within blog posts is an impressive indication to your visitors that you’re ready to take them around your blog by making them toggle between relevant blog posts.
For any informative blog, readers expect to see links which
can probably give them information about a certain blog post when they click on
them. In order to win your readers’ enthusiasm in this regard, it is advisable
that you attach a minimum of two relevant links within a specific blog post.

Steps Required to Attach “Read More” Links within Articles on Blogger
➨  Go to the blogger dashboard of your
➨  Open the article into which you are
to attach “read more” links
➨  Now you will have to create a new
window with the URL of your blog
➨  With that done, locate the blog
post you wish to use as a “read more” link
➨  Then go back to your blogger
dashboard and place your mouse pointer on the actual spot you wish to insert
the “read more” link
➨  Here, you can use words like
“read more”, “read also”, or ”you might also read” in order to refer
visitors to suggested/relevant links
➨  After doing that, place your mouse
pointer just at the front of the “read more” or any other desired reference
➨  Then, click on the blue-coloured
Link icon on top of the post box
➨  When you click on this Link icon,
a drop-down menu will emerge
➨  There are two input fields in this
drop-down menu: The first input field is tagged with Text to display while the
second one is tagged with Web address
➨  In the first input field, you’re
to enter the title of the blog post you want to direct the link to 
➨ Then in the second input field
(tagged with Web address) you will enter the URL of the blog post you want to
direct your visitors to
➨ To copy the URL of the blog post
you want to direct your visitors to, go back to the browser window you created
with the URL of your blog
➨ Locate the blog post and place
your mouse pointer on its title
➨ Right-click on the title
➨ Select copy link location/address
from the emerging options
➨ After copying the link
location/address, you can now navigate back to your blogger dashboard and paste
the copied link into the second input field tagged with Web address
➨ To complete the process, click on
the OK button at the bottom of the drop-down menu

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