How to Borrow Airtime from Airtel


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Precisely, Airtel is in the bandwagon of top Nigerian
network providers that offer a broad range of amazing services required to
retain existing customers and even persuade prospective customers.

In this article, you will find out how Airtel enables you
borrow airtime which can be used to call all networks. With the introduction of
Airtel Extra Credit, you do not have to worry whenever you want to make urgent
calls whereas your account balance is extremely low.
Airtel Extra Credit is an opportunity for qualified Airtel
customers to receive airtime loans and pay them back afterwards. As implied
herein, “qualified customers’’ are the Airtel subscribers who have met certain
conditions and are eligible to use Airtel Extra Credit for airtime request. As
you read this post further, you will find out the conditions you must have
fulfilled before you can be qualified to use Airtel Extra Credit.
Also noteworthy is that any outstanding loan will be
automatically deducted from your account when you recharge. Before you can borrow
airtime using Airtel Extra Credit, you must have fulfilled some necessary
conditions which imply that:
You must be an active prepaid Airtel customer
Your Airtel SIM must have been duly registered
You must have refunded any outstanding airtime
Your Airtel SIM card must have been used for
three months or more
You must have a good record such as regular
airtime recharge
Steps to Borrow Airtime from Airtel

Dial *500*Airtime
from your Airtel SIM card. If for instance you wish to request for
airtime worth of #100, simply dial *500*100#

Then follow the subsequent on-screen
instructions to get airtime
Meanwhile, you’re required to note that every
airtime loan attracts a service charge. Airtel will deduct this from the amount
you will receive as airtime loan. The service charge for every airtime loan is 15% of the loan value i.e. if you
request for the airtime loan of #50,
your account will be credited with #42.50
Moreover, there is a limit to the amount you can
obtain as airtime loan from Airtel. The minimum amount is #25 while the maximum amount is #500. So, in this list of borrowable amounts, there are #25, #50, #100, #200 and #500

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