How to Send “Call Me Back’’ on Glo

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Nigeria has an impressive lineup of mobile network operators.
Among these operators, Glo stands out as one of the reputable mentions.
Established by Nigerian tycoon –Mike Adenuga –in 2003, Glo has remained
operative since it emerged into Nigeria’s telecom industry and this is one of
the reasons why it has over 34 million subscribers in the country.

In this article, you will be guided on how to send ``call me back’’ requests on your Glo SIM card. At times, you may have to request assistance
from faraway friends, speak with them in times of emergency or tell them you
have some interesting gist for them. However, you might experience hurdles in
the attempt to do this especially when you’re out of airtime.
Nowadays, we all believe it is important to maintain close
contacts with friends and relatives. Undoubtedly, this is one of the reasons
why our mobile phones remain the handy gadgets we can’t afford to lose. And in
case you suddenly run out of airtime, Glo allows you to send a “call me back’’
request to your beloved ones and when you’re able to do this, they will realize
that you need to speak with them urgently.
The interesting aspect of this “call me back’’ is that Glo
doesn’t charge you and even when your account balance is completely exhausted,
you’re still allowed to send a “call me back’’ request. However, the only two
restrictions associated with this are:
You’re not allowed to send a “call me back’’
request to other networks i.e. only Glo numbers can receive “call me back’’ messages
from you
You’re not allowed to send “call me back’’
requests more than 5 times daily
Just like the various other network operators in Nigeria,
Glo adopts a simple USSD code in sending “call me back’’ requests. As a Glo
subscriber, you’re at liberty of sending “call me back’’ requests to any other
Glo subscriber in case you don’t have airtime to create a call to them.
Steps to Send “Please Call Me Back’’ on Glo

To let somebody know you really need to speak with them on
phone probably in times of emergency or for several other reasons, you can send
them a “please call me back’’ request on Glo. You can simply do this by
*125* with the recipient’s number
Let’s assume your recipient’s Glo number is
081XXXXXXXX, simply dial *125*081XXXXXXXX#

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