Top 4 IT Companies in Nigeria

Top 4 IT Companies in Nigeria
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Many Nigerians claim Nigeria is really lagging behind in
terms of IT but interestingly, the country still boasts of many operative IT
companies. Based on our findings, we have come up with the names of the top 4 IT companies in Nigeria and also included the links to their websites.

Furthermore, each of these IT companies operate on a
multinational scale and have survived for many years in the delivery of quality
IT services. As you further read this article, you will find out the IT specialties
each of these IT companies engages in.

Cisco is one of the multinational IT firms enjoyed by
Nigerians. It is a highly sophisticated IT company that operates on a broad
scale. Meanwhile, its operations cover a number of tech divisions including
wireless, collaboration, networking, connectivity, unified communication and
telepresence. With many years of multinational experience, Cisco boasts of a
giant staff base, comprising 10,000 employees who are spread across the
country. Follow this link to browse the website of Cisco

IBM is another giant IT firm with global and diverse tech
specialties covering optimization, security, business analytics, CRM and ERP.
With its huge staff of 10,000 employees, IBM has remained a vibrant IT company
spanning its IT services across Nigeria and many other countries. Besides
offering the IT specialties listed above, IBM delivers IT consultancy with the
aim of resolving IT issues and helping people to become IT experts. Follow this
link to browse the website of IBM

Microsoft is not a new contender in the IT world. As a
multinational IT company, it operates extensively across Nigeria and many other
countries. Meanwhile, its IT specialties span across the hardware
manufacturing, cloud computing, developer tools, software programming and the
design of developer tools. With many years of exceptional IT-related services,
Microsoft has remained one of the most trusted IT firms in the world. Moreover,
it has a large staff base comprising no less than 10,000 employees. Follow this
link to browse the website

HP is a renowned IT company and its massive staff base
comprises more than 10,000 employees. As a high-profile company manufacturing
tech equipment, HP spans its operations within and beyond Nigeria with several
tech specialties inclusive of computer manufacturing, software development,
print services and IT security. Like the other IT firms above, HP is buttressed
with more than 10,000 employees. Follow this link to browse the website

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