5 Mind-Blowing Smartphones You Should Consider Buying in 2018

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The much
anticipated “Tech Rush” 2018 has finally arrived where we look forward to spectacular and
amazing new releases from our favourite smartphone manufacturers.

now is the perfect time to make use of that well-stashed bundle of cash buried
in your savings to get yourself a new and improved gadget this 2018 that
promises to serve all your needs.

The new roll
outs this year promise to be sensational as we look forward to enjoying a
better-improved user experience, outstanding features like bigger and better
juice power and perhaps 5G too.
It is going
to be a great year for smartphone enthusiasts as top manufacturers will battle
for market share, so we expect only the best of the best.
We have
outlined 5 hot new smartphones arriving in 2018. Keep reading to see what we
have got.

Apple iPhone 2018

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swooping the market with the iPhone X, integrated with sensational and
mouthwatering specs, we can only expect more surprises from the world’s most
valued company come September this year when they make a flagship release.
Will it be
iPhone 11? XS? X9? Or X Plus? Whatever they choose to call it, we’re sure
you’ll want one.
According to
Bloomberg, Apple will take the world by storm this year and will introduce new
features like we’ve never seen before.

Features like
touchless gestures and curved screen are coming to new iPhones. With just few
months away, now is the time to double your savings.
Google Pixel 3

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With Apple and
Samsung enjoying years of no fierce rivalry from other OEMS excepting a few,
Google will be placing their faith in the Google Pixel 3 to rival the two
biggest smartphone superpowers come October, when it will be launched.

Having proven
they can deliver smartphones to consumers’ taste following the success of
predecessors Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL both sporting incredible cameras, the Pixel
3 will front nothing less than quality at an affordable price. Maybe not so much

The Google
Pixel 3 is likely to run the soon-to-be-announced Android 9.0 P.

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officially launched in the MWC in Barcelona on February 2018, it is suggested
we should expect this new beast by May.

There are
claims it comes complete with the heavily rumoured iPhone X-style notch and
under the hood is the massive Snapdragon 845.

Add to that,
16 MP dual-camera, 128 GB of storage, 6 GB of RAM, a 6.1in FullVision (18:9)
MLCD+ display and a certified IP68 waterproof protection, with wireless

Samsung Galaxy Note

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Samsung has
confirmed the Note X will be launched this 2018. The Note X will brag a
foldable screen (two screens).

rumoured to be a 5inch smartphone, it is expected to fold out into a 7inch
tablet, with a 4K display that promises to maintain that high resolution even
when folded.

A microSD
card slot should be available, but the battery will not be removable.

Xaomi Mi 7

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This is
Xiaomi’s upcoming flagship. It promises to give you a fingerprint scanner
embedded directly into the phone’s screen which could potentially make it one
of the first phones to actually deliver such breaking tech.

It could
sport new features such as wireless charging, 18:9 panel with a full-HD
(2160×1080) resolution, 6/8GB of RAM and 64GB storage, so performance should be

For this
reason, 2018 is definitely going to be a remarkable year for OEMS and
consumers, with new and amazing improvements that will guarantee you have the
best smartphone user experience.

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