7 Blockchain Benefits to Industries Away from Cryptocurrency


There are so many people out there that must have heard about blockchain benefits to industries away from cryptocurrency. There is this hype that is going on about crypto and bitcoin has broken several records. This Blockchain was generated to enhance cryptocurrency but there are many blockchain benefits.  In Nigeria, a lot of people have become wealthy. In the year 2011, bitcoin was sold for just $1. In 2018 it is over $15,000 though the price was reduced to $8000 in recent months which the price is still on a high side. You might not be a crypto trader based on your choice. Most entrepreneurs must welcome this blockchain technology that makes the trading of bitcoin possible and achievable.

Wikipedia defines blockchain as a nonstop increasing list of records that are called blocks which are connected and are well secured using cryptography.

In a short form, it is a computer-generated, public ledger that keeps account of everything in a protected and clear manner. The ultimate difference between blockchain technology and conventional banks is that while conventional banks enhance transactions with conventional currencies, blockchain technology allows free transfer of cryptocurrency through a decentralized atmosphere.

We are going to take a look at the blockchain benefits to industries away from cryptocurrency.

The Blockchain benefits To Industries Away From Cryptocurrency

  1. Supply chain management: Blockchain benefits to industries

One of the blockchain benefits to industries away from cryptocurrency is a management known as supply chain management. What it implies is that this blockchain technology provides us the benefit for us to trace our transaction and it is also cost-effectiveness.

When we want to trail our goods movement, their source, and size we can make use of blockchain. This makes things easier for the progressions of doing things such as transfer of ownership, production process assurance, and payments.

  1. It provides quality assurance: Blockchain benefits to industries

The delivery of excellent assurance and by extension, integrity is also among the blockchain benefits to industries away from cryptocurrency. When there is an abnormality in the supply chain, the technology of blockchain can help locate the source of the bitcoin. Due to this, it has made easier for businesses to make investigations and implement their actions.

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  1. Accounting: Blockchain benefits to industries

Another blockchain benefits to industries away from cryptocurrency is that the blockchain technology eradicates error from occurring when recording business transactions. This is based on the fact that records are confirmed each time they are being transferred from a blockchain node to the next one. With blockchain technology, the whole procedures of accounting attain suitable functionality and effectiveness on a ground level.

  1. Smart contracts: Blockchain benefits to industries

It is very easier to sign a contract on blockchain technology. This has helped to the reduce the stress that comes in signing a contract that affects the growth of a business. This is as a result of the blockchain technology that eliminates the need for intermediaries and also saves the company money and time.

Another smart contract is Voting. This is also among the blockchain benefits to industries away from cryptocurrency. Recently, prospects that will assist in government elections are being trailed. When this is done, it will cut down electoral malpractices that are still existing in spite of the electronic voting systems that are being used. This has been a proven fact in Moscow using their local governmental elections.

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  1. Stock exchange: Blockchain benefits to industries

The stock exchange industries will also derive from this blockchain technology. This is due to the notion of making use of blockchain technology for carrying out commodities and securities trading which has been in the media. Stock exchanges have considered stock exchanges as the upcoming big thing to happen. This is also blockchain benefits to industries away from cryptocurrency.

  1. Energy supply: Blockchain benefits to industries

An entrepreneur can take note of the energy that is being consumed consumption when blockchain technology is being used. Instead of stressing yourself and thinking where your energy that is being consumed expenditure originated from.

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  1. Peer-to-peer global transactions: Blockchain benefits to industries

One can consider this blockchain benefits to industries away from cryptocurrency as a well secure and easy transfer of funds across the globe. Although there are several processes of funds transfers before bitcoin came into existence but they also have their limitations and restrictions.

Here, blockchain plays a vital role because of their security for the transfer of resources and they assure users liberty when it comes to funds transfers.

There is no iota of doubt that the blockchain technology is generating massive strides in further industries other than cryptocurrency. These blockchain benefits away from cryptocurrency bear has given us more proof beyond reasonable doubt.


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