How To Grow Sweet Potatoes In Nigeria

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Growing Sweet Potatoes will be the main topic of discussion for today. Sweet potato can be said to be tropical herbaceous plant which, by the idea of its temperature necessity, can be developed all through Nigeria. States like Kaduna, Kano, Zamfara, and Sokoto respectively in the North-west are as of now driving in its generation in the nation.

An eminent agronomist with the Institute for Agricultural Research, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Prof. Bashir Ahmad Babaji, said sweet potato requires soil that is tolerably prolific, in light of the fact that high fruitfulness prompts extreme vegetative development to the detriment of tuber arrangement.

“It requires a dirt that is sandy topsoil; a dirt somewhat high in natural issue however that has sand. Since it is a tuber trim, it requires a dirt where the tuber can without much of a stretch become extremely well in the dirt. Under substantial soil, it might be extremely troublesome for the tubers to develop,” he clarified. In other to Grow Sweet Potatoes, bear it in mind that on planting season, the agronomist noticed that sweet potato can be become both amid the dry season and the stormy season, including, in any case, that when temperature is low, it isn’t prudent to plant since it may not do well.

Grow Sweet Potatoes

“For rain nourished cultivating, planting should be possible from May to September while inundated creation is from September to December,” he included. He, nonetheless, noticed that one of the limitations to sweet potato creation is the planting material.

“Dissimilar to yam and Irish potato which you utilize the tubers as planting material, for sweet potato you utilize vines (stems),” he said. The teacher clarified that agriculturists could plant tubers and abandon them to grow for six to two months to get the vines required for transplanting. The vines should then be cut into around 20cm cuttings with no less than two hubs, and put on an edge of 30cm to 50cm at a profundity of 2cm to 3cm.


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“To Grow Sweet Potatoes does not withstand weed rivalry amid the early harvest’s life, in this way, keep the field weed free amid the initial a month and a half subsequent to planting. Pre-planting herbicides, for example, Roundup or Floumeturon at 5 liters for each hectare can be connected,” he included.

On capacity, Prof. Babaji exhorted that to Grow Sweet Potatoes, it can be left underground, since it has a short timeframe of realistic usability and gathered when the need emerges. He, notwithstanding, called attention to that the Bokolo’ steers can notice potatoes under the dirt, uncover it and expend it.

Grow Sweet Potatoes

The wear noticed that some basic nearby assortments found in Northern Nigeria now are the ‘Dan izala’, and ‘Manja’ which are a recently presented assortment with high vitamin A substance. They are otherwise called the orange-fleshed sweet potato. “Most assortments that ranchers now utilize take from three to four months to be prepared for collect. After reap, Grow Sweet Potatoes has a time span of usability of around three months,” he said.

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Once more, he expressed that to maintain a strategic distance from deterioration, the potatoes can be straightforward, which a few ladies use in making a nearby drink, ‘kunun zaki’.

On compost prerequisite, Prof. Babaji suggested that 40kg of nitrogen, 40kg to 60kg of phosphorus and up to 100kg potassium be connected per hectare. He laid out that dirts in the savanna regions of the nation are generally rich in potassium, so just ranches that have long haul development need to apply potassium compost.

Talking on its infections, Prof. Babaji said some normal illnesses influencing sweet potato are the interior plug ailment caused by an infection conveyed by aphids, controlled just by utilizing safe assortments, and dark decay, which can be controlled likewise by planting safe assortments, trim turn and early stockpiling. He included that if there should be an occurrence of parasitic ailment, a fungicide like Benlace, Dithane or M-45 might be utilized.

“Different bugs influencing sweet potato are weevil (hatchlings) which drill into the tuber. For this situation, you have to get enhanced assortments and utilize trim turn additionally,” he prompted.

On the medical advantages of eating sweet potato, Dr. Chris Isokpunwu, Head of Nutrition, Federal Ministry of Health, said it was to a great extent rich in sugars, and furthermore rich in vitamins C, E, An and minerals like zinc and iron.

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He said the orange-fleshed which is a more up to date assortment has been bio-braced with vitamin An and is orange in shading. Dr. Chris clarified that sweet potato can be eaten crude, fricasseed, made into chips and drops or flour utilized for making buns, pap and pudding.

“It is a decent wellspring of vitality and the fiber level is similarly high which guarantees simple absorption, solid discharge and aides in weight control since when there is high fiber in the eating routine it gives a filling impact thus you don’t need to eat much,” he noted.

The President of the Potato Farmers Association, Chief Daniel Okafor, nonetheless, communicated stress that administration has not been steady of sweet potato spread as of late.

“The battle is excessively, there are a considerable measure of difficulties, and ranchers should be upheld on the off chance that they really need to support generation and try,” he said. “Talking about the prospects, he said there was an extraordinary starch extricated from sweet potato whose cost is high in the universal market”.


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