Top 10 Technologically Advanced Countries in the World

Top 10 Technologically advanced Countries in the World
Technology behind Global Village

Are you searching for the world’s most technological advanced countries?, you are at the right spot.

As at the time World War II ended in 1945, many countries were left poor and in an unhealthy situations. Japan was bombed, Germany lost all its clout and power, and India was holding up to get independent from the British Empire and so on. It these countries a whole of time to get back up and stand firm in the world of technology.

Below is the list Top 10 Technologically advanced Countries in the World;


Singapore was in a crippled situation as at when the country got her independence from Malaysia. There were already scarce resources, and less land mass meant the agriculture industry couldn’t be the solution. But today, this city-sized country has become a major player in the IT industry, not just in Asia but the entire world.

Take any of the big technological companies in the world; chances are, they have their offices set up in Singapore. With the GDP growing and a constant cash flow, many venture capitalist firms have also been established in the country which are always investing in new unicorn startups and helping to create jobs in Singapore.


Canada has being a major and silent contributor to the Top 10 Technologically advanced Countries in the World, Canada has seen a big boom in the technological sector in the last 10 yars. While Montreal and Ontario are known for their R&D and tech sector, Vancouver has been a place for mobile tech companies as well.

The country has played a major role in engineering and educational sector, and we won’t be surprised if it slips into the top five positions on this list in the next five years.


While North Korea keeps talking about its advanced missiles and submarines prepared wars against some strong and opposition countries, which we never get to see, South Korea has made some real strides in the technological sector.

South Korea, being the headquarters of top and major companies like Hyundai, LG, and of course Samsung, South Korea has made great contributions in the field of robotics at the same time. In fact, South Korean technological companies are now counted as some of the best in the world. Also, the average Internet speed in South Korea is 26.1 Mbit/s which is almost four times faster than the world’s average internet speed of 7 Mbit/s.


Israel has it’s spot on the number 7 on our list and has more technological companies listed on the NASDAQ stock market than any other company in the world. In fact, its military is one of the most strongest due to their technological advancement in terms of medicine, civil drones, satellites, and self-driving cars.

Many of the notable Nobel Peace Prize winners in the past decade were from Israel. Ultrasound was also developed here, along with advanced MRI and CT scans. Waze was an Israeli company, which was a major rival of Google Maps. Google eventually acquired the company for $1.15 billion in a massive bidding war against Apple and Facebook.

Top 10 Technologically advanced Countries in the World
Top 10 Technologically advanced Countries in the World


Russia was involved in a close race with the USA to reach the moon some time past. Though the country has not been the first to reach the moon, it is still a pioneer in space technology. It also has an advanced military unit, credits to its talented engineers.

Russia is also an innovator in the field of nuclear energy, medicine, chemical, and machine technology. Also, the country is responsible for producing some of the most talented hackers in the world and a major thread to the United States of America. Whenever there is a hacking scandal, it’s almost expected that the Russian hackers have something to do with it.


The technological advancements made in the country during the world are still being used and further developed by Germans. Most people think Germany’s contribution to the world is just car manufacturing and Albert Einstein, but that is far from the truth.


The almighty China in the technological world has always had two things working in its favor – skilled and affordable labor, and space to expand manufacturing. For the past ten years, China has become the most preferred country for companies to invest when it comes to setting up manufacturing plants. The government gives companies tax breaks, and the companies in turn get cheap labor.

From the top tech companies like Apple and Google to clothing companies like Adidas, Zara, and Forever 21, all of them have manufacturing plants in China and these companies have most of their products made in China.


India got its independence from the British Empire in 1947, and in just over 75 years, the country has become the world’s best spot for technology.

With the second largest population in the world, 60% of India’s population is within the age group of 16-24. That means the country is filled with skilled young professionals.

Currently, companies are investing in India including Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple. Over the last ten years, the country has also become a leader in business solutions, e-commerce, and mobile apps.


Japan for a good reason, is on the number 2 spot on our list of Top 10 Technologically advanced Countries in the World. Japan was one country that was the most severely hit by the Second World War. The government had to literally pick up the broken pieces and plan out for a future where the country would never be in turmoil again.

Now, when we talk about Japan, we don’t talk about how a nuclear bomb destroyed the country. Instead, we talk about how the country is the birthplace of companies like Canon, Sony, Toyota, Mitsubishi, and Nintendo. We talk about the bullet trains, vast and complicated bridges, and their robotic technology, just to mention few.

1. USA

The number 1 position has been occupied by the world’s most technological advanced country. Just like England which gained a lot by being a part of the Allied Forces during the Second World War, the USA did too. GPS was first invented in America for fighter jets, and now we use it to find the nearby McDonald’s.

And of course, the country is famous for its Silicon Valley, which attracted biggest tech companies in the world including Google, Facebook, Apple, Intel, IBM, Microsoft, and Uber.

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