Four Steps to Conceiving a Baby Boy

Four Steps to Conceiving a Baby Boy

There are two types of chromosomes ie X and Y.X being for a girl and Y for a boy. Doctors suggest inherent differences in both the chromosomes. The both chromosomes are smaller, faster but weaker than the female chromosomes. The X chromosomes are able to survive for longer period and are more resilient when they enter the body.

Four Steps to Conceiving a Baby Boy

1) Position favors the sex of the baby Doctors suggest that the deeper the penetration,more is the chance of conceiving a boy. This is because as the Y chromosome is weaker,they cannot swim for longer distance and the deep penetration would help it to reach the egg early being a fast swimmer and influence it before X chromosome. It may sound unromantic at all as deeper penetration may not be possible at all times.However,there are a few positions that you may try for deep penetration. Doggy style is most talked and preferred position when conceiving a boy. It gives a deep penetration as the partner is on all fours and is approached from the rear. You may also adjust to a position where you may kneel or lean over a surface better position is the standing up.It is known that the boy sperms have the ability to swim against gravitational force and can do wonders in it. Your partner may have ti lift you up or you may lean against the wall.But make sure to hold onto something as you may not want to end up at the hospital after you fall having sex.The other position is the straddle style.

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Four Steps to Conceiving a Baby Boy

2) Timing of the cycle and male sperms You should be aware of your ovulation period so that you can have sex during time.Having sex days before ovulation; may lead to lesser changes of conceiving a boy. As the Y chromosomes are less resilient and cannot survive for long in the body there are chances that the X chromosome may win the race.If there is ample of the sperms in the women’s body, the chance of boy sperms to be alive is less and girl sperms may fertilise the egg.If you are not sure about your ovulation cycle; you may find this out by many ways. There are certain signs that show you are ovulating. For instance, tender breasts, higher urge to have sex, bloated abdomen, pain in the pelvis, light spotting or discharge of signs of ovulation.This can be gauged as it will happen on a monthly basis and you may notice it and mark the dates with that of your periods to be sure of it. You also get ovulation charts in the market along with kits that predict the dates . All these ways will help you to determine the ovulation cycle.

3) Men’s Underwear and the sperms The underwear that the man wears predicts the sperm count and the quality. It is said that the scrotum area should be cool when trying to conceive. It helps in making better sperms and getting pregnant faster. If you wear boxers then the chances of conceiving a boy are more as the testicles are cooled down and create more Y chromosome.Wearing a tight underwear may cause to have more quantity of X chromosomes leading to a girl child being born. Now it completely depends on you to choose your underwear and influence the sex of your child. It is also said that males should refrain from hot showers when trying to conceive along with lesser bike ride and less of working on the laptop while keeping it on the lap.Make sure that the temperature of the scrotum is always cool. You can also try out sitting in a cold tub of water before sex to get the temperature to get low before having sex.

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Four Steps to Conceiving a Baby Boy

4) Orgasm of females: It is not that only men orgasm. The same happens with females but at the climax stage. When a female orgasm an alkaline secretion is released inside the vagina. This secretion helps the woman to keep the male sperms alive for longer duration. This gives the sperms time to swim faster and also stay alive to fertilize the egg. Therefore a woman should orgasm before penetration so that when then sperms enter the vagina they can influence the sex of the baby. This is important for the partner to know for the orgasm to take place before.Influencing the sex of the baby is not an easy task and is also not full proof as of now. However results have been seen with the tips given above and it is always worth to give it a shot when trying to conceive. Planning for a baby is easy for some but difficult for a few. It is all dependent on the nature to play its course and the will of the Almighty to bless the couple.But science also plays a major role and one should try it to get the results. All these tips will help the little ones to swim closer to the uterus and make you pregnant with a baby boy. However, you should always focus on giving birth to a healthy baby, be it a boy or a girl. As this will help you and your baby in the future times. You would not want to land up with a baby who is not strong enough to fight the world just for the sake of having a boy.
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