The Pros and Cons of Google Photos

The Pros and Cons of Google Photos

Google Photos (GP) has an option to upload all your photos to their cloud account and they give you two options:

  1. To upload them in their full resolution, but they count against your 15 gb free limit.
  2. To upload them, but they downsize the picture and the quality is reduced. The good deal is that there is no limit to the number of files you upload and everything is free.

This also works for videos with resolution of up to 1080p. If you have a resolution higher than this, then it will downsize it.

Features and Tips:

  1. After you set this up in your phone, any photos or video you take are sent directly to Google Photos.
  2. The above application (GP) could be a problem if you are doing a long video. You might use a lot of your data.
  3. Collections are done by Google Photos. It organizes groups of photos and makes a collection.
  4. Computers – If you drag a number of photos into Google Photos, you can create an Album.
  5. You can’t drag folders into Google Photos.

Google Photos

The easiest way to back up all your pictures and videos from your computer is to use their Desktop app – you can choose which folders to backup. When you add a new picture to your computer, it will automatically be added to Google Photos.

Once you setup Google Photos download, you can look at the settings by looking for the hidden icon in the lower right desktop screen. It will show you a screen. Notice that it has a number of options to automatically backup pictures that are in an SD card or any sort of removable media.

Another limitation is that Google Photos will not backup Photoshop /PSD files. It will backup .png files, but you have to select that in the Google Photos Settings Menu.

From the Google Photos app, first ensure all your new photos are backed up. Slide right from the left side of the screen.

  •  Settings.
  • Free Up Device Storage
  • Organization

One drawback about Google photos which can be quite annoying is that you lose all of the organization that you may have setup originally. While photos are put in date order, any other folders you may have setup gets lost. For that reason alone, you should not rely on Google photos, but keep your own copies at home or in a safe place.

Deleting Photos on Google Photos:

If you take a look at the screen, it seems to indicate that if you delete a photo on Google Photos, that it will also be deleted from other synchronized devices. You can check this on your phone to know whether the pictures have not been deleted from your phone; they will still be intact after deletion from Google Photos.

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