Top 10 Biggest Cathedral in the World

Top 10 Biggest Churches What You Need To Know

A church as a whole is a body of Christians worshipping in a particular building or constituting one congregation. In this article, we want to consider the building in particular in terms of size and the size is being measured by some criteria. The criteria may be by area, volume, length, width, height or capacity. Hence, let us consider the top 10 biggest churches and what you need to know.

Top 10 Biggest Churches, What You Need To Know

1. St. Peter’s Basilica

Top 10 Biggest Churches What You Need To Know

The st peters church is the biggest church in the world. It covers an area of 15,160 meters squared and is also the most visited church in history. It is the worldwide headquarters for the Catholic Church and here is were  Pope resides together with the other high ranking Catholic officials. St. Peter’s Basilica was built by the order of Emperor Constantine but later it was renovated and expanded by Pope Nicholas V. Michelangelo was the architecture.

2. Basilica of the National Shrine of Our Lady of Aparecida



This church is situated in Brazil .the world’s Biggest Catholic country  The shrine receives up to 10 million visits per year. The building was built between 1946-1980. Inside fit 45,000-70,000 devotees, in a space of 12,000 m² that is why it is the second biggest church in the entire world.

3. Seville Cathedral



This church is found in Spain at a place known as Seville and was built in the 16th century. The church is very big, the interior area cover about 11,520 m². recognized by UNESCO as a world legacy site. This is where Christopher Columbus was buried. It was designed by Rouen Cathedral a French Architecture.

4. Cathedral of Saint John the Divine



The church is situated in the United States of America in New York City. The church covers an area 11,200m² and Its interior has 10,186 m². The church spreads across a length of 183 meters. The building started in the year 1892. It took more than twenty years to complete.

5. Milan Cathedral



This is also one of the biggest church in the world it is in  Milan, Italy. It covers an area of 10,186m². The theme in their architecture is similar to that of the Gothic theme. Another significant element in the church is the gold figure of the Virgin Mary which radiates through the church building.

6. Basilica of Our Lady of Lichen


This church is in Poland and it covers 10,090m².  in the nation of Poland, this is the biggest church. It is situated in Konin City. In spite of the fact that the building took around ten years, the final construction was certainly great regardless of the pause. The church has fused in their architectural theme the early life of Christ and even the twelve apostles. The church is a point of attraction for local people and guests from different nations too.

7. Liverpool Cathedral


This church is situated in the United Kingdom, in the Liverpool territory. The structure covers a region of 9687m². It is the biggest church in U.K. The church is 189 meters in length and was worked in stages. thus,  got finished step by step each building being finished at an unexpected time in comparison to the next. . The church is otherwise called the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King.

8. Church of Holy Trinity



The church is located in Portugal at a place known as Santarem. The church covers an area of 8700m²  This is one of the biggest church in the city of Portugal and it can convey up to 9,000 attendees easily. This church is additionally built in honor to  Virgin Mary. It was built in the years 2004  to 2007. The church has different chapel within it and confession stations. The design is Greek inspired.

9. Basilica of Our Lady of Pillar



The church is found in Spain at a place known as Aragon. It is a dedication to the Virgin Mary. The church has an average area of about 8518m², it was first finished in the 17 hundreds after which renovation was done again in the twentieth century. This is also one of the biggest church found in Spain and a lot of festival celebration are health here.

10. Ulm Minster Church



This is the last number in our top 10 biggest church in the world. The church is situated in Germany. The houses of worship region scope are eight thousand, two hundred and sixty square meters. The church is 161.5 meters, being the tallest church in the whole world. the church copy the gothic style of design in their architecture. It was finished in the year 1870 and in the sixteenth century, it was made into a Protestant church.



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