Top 15 Radio Stations in Nigeria

Top 15 Radio Stations in Nigeria

A good number of Radio stations have spring up recently in Nigeria, giving us varieties in terms of News, music, sports and lots more, irrespective of your location. Depending on ones urge and interest, we seem to prefer some radio stations over others due to their indebt analysis of events, like Sports etc. Today, we will take a look at the top 15 radio stations we have and Nigeria:

1. Rhythm 93.7FM: Known mostly for it’s music, ranging from alternative to mix of style and alternative. It is a private station owned by Silverbird Communications under the Silverbird Group with a single frequency of 93.7. This radio station first air date on 93.7 FM Lagos was in 1997. It also has a sister station in Port Harcourt operating with the same frequency. It’s known as an English speaking commercial radio station.

2. Cool FM: This is another hit music statio and a very popular radio station in Nigeria. It is basically an English speaking radio station whose frequency cuts across some regions of Nigeria. Being founded in 1998, it is claimed by many to be the best radio station in the country.

3. Raypower FM Raypower FM: was the first independent station in Nigeria. Its stations spread across about 18 states in Nigeria including The FCT. An urban contemprory station with interesting programs like news sports, interviews etc.

Top 15 Radio Stations in Nigeria

4. Wazobia 95.1 FM: A radioo station with a very impressive achievemenet, ranked top in the nation due to its vibrant blend of indigenous artist from Africa as whole. It was and and is stil the only station that presents its program in pidgin English. Wazobia’s comical and musical background is infused with global and national news, sports, games and entertainment gists, topical issues, interviews, all delivered in PIDGIN. The radio station is loved by almost all Nigerian and it remain popular till today.

5. Beat 99.9 FM: A comfortable station whose frequency can be found at home, in the car and at work. It’s broadcast covers sports, news, entertainment and other exciting shows.

6. Brilla FM: Founded by Larry Izamoje on October 1, 2002. It maintain a its position as the only sports radio station in the country. Be it as it may, it is a very popular and unique Nigerian sports station loved by many.

7. Naija Fm 102.7: This is a Nigeria radio station with proper collaboration of music, gist and news. The station touches topical matters that affects and encourages their listeners.

8. Nigeria Info 99.3FM: This is a News & Sports station in the nation. In Nigeria, it is the first station of it’s kind.

9. Smooth 98.1FM: This station was introduced into the Nigerian airwaves on November 14, 2009 as the first digitally equipped radio station in Lagos, Nigeria. It’s operation runs 24 hours offering a mix of jazz, soul, old school, funk and world class music providing intellectual and exciting entertainment to the nations growing audience.

10. Inspiration 92.3FM: Is a family radio station that serves the needs of Nigeria residence for intensive inspiration, promotion etc 24 hours daily.

11. Classic FM 97.3: Regarded as the best Nigeria music station, it plays olden day music along with the recent ones.

12. City 105.1 FM: This is an urban music variety station that sets eye on the upwardly mobile community in Lagos, Nigeria and the rest of the world, portraying the proper lifestyle quality and music of Lagos residents.

Top 15 Radio Stations in Nigeria

13. Top Radio 90.9 FM Nigeria: Lagos based Radio Station, focuses mainly on entertainment which comprises sweet music from pre-released to current Top of the charts songs including Alternative music, soft rock, old school and best of Reggae.

14. Bloom Radio Nigeria: Is the oldest and one of world’s leading internet stations broadcasting to over 120 countries.

15. Radio Continental 102.3FM: This is Nigeria’s Loudest Conversation Station and it focuses on Great Music and Great Talk.

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