The API Revolution is Upon Us!



The API Revolution is Upon Us!
What APIs are?
What is an API Revolution?
APIs We Are Using Every Day
Business Evolution with APIs


The API Revolution is Upon Us!

Some would say that the API revolution happened in about five years ago. A wave of APIs created then is still influencing the APIs that you can find today. Those APIs are providing a connective tissue for the most relevant systems today. Besides that, APIs are contributing with a necessary functionality.

Today, there is an increased influence on the development process, by the third-party companies. In recent years, online businesses have become pretty dependent on APIs. That`s why companies are finding more and more ways to use them, and by doing that, securing additional revenue.

It is natural to assume that if you have a solution one click away, you will choose that over coding for a couple of hours. So because of APIs making the development process less time-consuming, and companies like making the API design easier, the modern developers have lot more free time on their hands now…

What APIs are?

Today, chances that someone didn`t use API one way or another are almost null. They are all around us. Application Programming Interface or API is a code that enables the communication between two or more applications or websites. That communication exists to improve the functionality and interoperability. With the evolution of APIs, they became something like the glue that holds the internet together.

There are two types of APIs. The public and the private ones. The public APIs or open APIs are available for anyone to use. They can be free, or they can be purchased online. The private APIs are used only by the companies that developed them. Transforming the private APIs into the public APIs is a process of revealing the company`s internal API to the outside developers. That way the company can find new solutions for their projects from foreign developers.


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What is an API Revolution?

An API layer with one entry point, divided into numerous systems has the purpose of helping in the transition of underlying systems that are often created in different time and with different technologies. The API revolution that we are witnessing to enables various client applications to behave consistently inside of digital touch points. This freedom empowers organizations to find new opportunities for growth.

There are countless scenarios about enabling businesses to be able to renew their IT responsiveness to become more customer-centric. If an API becomes more customer-centric, there is a more chance of potential customers implementing your API in their projects. Also, customers interacting with the business data in a more personal way will make your API more popular among the consumers.

APIs We Are Using Every Day

Today, when someone is talking about APIs, he is probably talking about the public APIs. Naturally, all of the APIs available on the internet are open APIs. With all of the information available on applications that implemented APIs, you can improve your personal life as well as your professional life. As we said already, the private APIs are only for internal use. The conclusion is that, even if you don`t know, you have probably used an API. That`s how common they became.

Business Evolution with APIs

The companies are seeing and taking advantage of the APIs potential now more than ever. This is a specific trait of developer-centric organizations. Developers are using APIs to create tools which will help other people in the company to do their jobs more efficient and more effective. The benefits are not collected only by the developers. Other company`s departments are will have the positive changes as well.

Furthermore, by making the private APIs public and offering the possibility to foreign developers to build on top of the API, the company will have new technology for new versions of an API available. With the other applications before their eyes, company`s developers will have more than a few ideas for the future updating of their own apps.

The APIs positive influence on the business is called the API economy. It became more important with the emerging of crypto currencies. Now, with the trend of making all the transactions online, this element of APIs life cycle is something that is going to be improved in the future. There is no doubt that this gap is going to be filled by the companies.


The API revolution changed the way we see the world of technology. Technology became more available to everyday people, and it became more personalized than before. APIs made a revolution inside of the world of business.

This move is a game changer, that is for sure. In the future, we can expect that API potential is going to be revealed more and more. Having that in mind, we can say that we are moving to even more technological world than it is now.

We hope our article was informative and enjoyable for you. If you have something to add, or you have some questions feel free to leave a post in our comment section down below. We will respond on a short notice. Thank you for reading our artice and have a nice day.

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