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How to prepare and pass 2019 Jamb examination with 300+



You need to be prepared in order to pass the 2019 Jamb examination. The Jamb exams have been considered as the wearisome examinations in Nigeria that most people fail. They fail this exam based on the fact that the exams are complicated and a lot of students are not used to Computer Based Test (CBT).

How to prepare and pass 2019 Jamb examination with 300+

Tips on how to pass 2019 Jamb examination

 The following is the list of tips on how to pass Jamb 2019 examination

  1. Pass 2019 Jamb Examination: Take away tension

Most Jamb candidates fail Jamb exam due to tension. If you want to pass 2019 Jamb examinations with good grades then you must eliminate fear. As the day goes by for 2019 Jamb examination, a lot of candidates are under intense pressure. Therefore, you must think positively to excel well.

  1. Pass 2019 Jamb Examination: Setting a Jamb score

When you place a mark you want to attain you become motivated to study more. This will help you pass 2019 Jamb examination at ease. There’s the saying one can’t achieve if there’s a will to do it. When once you don’t have a mark that you want to score, you won’t be motivated.

  1. Pass 2019 Jamb Examination: Have a reading timetable

In Jamb exams, you are expected to write four subjects. It will be good if the timetable you have created for yourself covers all the topics within the subjects you want to take. When once your timetable is ready you can pass 2019 Jamb examination with an outstanding performance.

     4. Pass 2019 Jamb Examination: Get the accurate material

It is one thing to study, but it is another thing to study the right reading material. In Jamb syllabus, there is a list of recommended books that are listed out to help you study in order to pass 2019 Jamb examinations. Most of what you see on the text is what’s going to come out.

     5. Pass 2019 Jamb Examination: Read assiduously

When you are done with your timetable and also getting the right material. You can start reading your books with the main objective of grabbing the main ideas in order to excel in the Jamb CBT examination and also to answer the objective questions.

    6. Pass 2019 Jamb Examination: Read through lines

Students that read through the lines get more detailed info about a given topic. The way you read for Jamb is different from the way you read for all other subject. The key thing you should know is that, you will never be ask to define anything.

    7. Pass 2019 Jamb Examination: Study past questions

The importance of past questions can’t be overemphasized because they help you to know how Jamb questions are being set. Most questions are being repeated over and over again. It is also good to read your notebooks and textbooks in order to get a comprehensive detail of a specific topic.

  1. Pass 2019 Jamb Examination: Practice time management

There are 120 JAMB questions the English language has 60 questions and the remaining subjects have 40 questions each. That’s why you must practice time management very well. When you do this, you will be able to answer all your questions on time during the main exam itself.

  1. Pass 2019 Jamb Examination: Plan all your subjects

You have to plan all the subjects that you want to answer because you don’t have all the time for yourself. Therefore, you have to start with the subject you answer without wasting so much time. Then go to the other subject you are conversant with.

  1. Pass 2019 Jamb Examination: Understand questions

One thing is to study hard for an examination, and it is another thing to Understand the questions that you want to answer. A proper understanding is necessary to pass the 2019 Jamb examination because Jamb examiners are looking for a way to fail students.

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