Joomta Scam You Need to Avoid: Do Not Join Referral Program!


Joomta Scam You Need to Avoid: Do Not Join Referral Program!

Joomta is a free-to-join referral platform that pays you up N40,000 every month for referring people to

Whenever you refer someone to join, you earn N400. If you refer 10 people, you earn N4,000. If you refer 30 people, you earn N12,000. And if you refer 100 people, you earn N40,000. The maximum number of people you’re allowed to refer in a month is 100 people.

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Joomta pays referrers on the third day of the next month. So if you earn N24,000 this March, you’ll be paid your N24,000 earning on the 3rd day of April next month. If the 3rd day of a month falls on a weekend (Saturday or Sunday), you’ll be paid on the working day (Monday) immediately following that weekend.

How Joomta Makes Money

Joomta makes money by displaying popup adverts to users whenever they’re on the website. It is from the revenue generated by those adverts that referrers are paid, and because we earn far more from the popup adverts on our site than we pay out to our referrers, we don’t need to charge Joomta users any form of fee to join, so Joomta will always remain free to join.


Is Joomta legit or scam?  According to Flushreview, Joomta is a big scam site of deception. I was a victim and well, I used a trick to get the validity of their program and that’s why I am here to pour it out to the audience who are yet to join the program or have joined the program.


From Joomta packages, they tend to promised N400 per referral and if you refer 100 people, you would get a whopping N40,000.

Please take note that they said this in Nigeria currency.

And also, they provided a list of people who they have paid without payment proof from screenshot, just their name.

And I am here to tell you that Joomta is a scamming website because once you have completed making your money, they would wipe away your money and say, “this program is not available in your country” and boom! They will automatically delete your account.

Wait, is it not Nigerians they are paying, how the hell is it not available in my country? Is a complete fake website.

See my proof below after making N40,000 from their program:

And also, which country uses the Naira (N) currency if is not Nigeria.


Other bloggers have been writing and accusing JOOMTA program without proof and I think this post has helped you provide the necessary details about their scamming technique and I will reveal more…

According to Scamadviser that uses computer algorithms to measures the truthfulness of a website, they tagged Joomta as a website “That is Very New Site Has an Unknown Reputation“.

See proof below:

This means that you shouldn’t invest or join their program because all their details are hidden from the public. This makes them not to have a reputation online. No other websites have proved their validity.

The owner remains anonymous and the country details of the website focuses in another country while they drag Nigerians because they feel they are desperate money looking people.

Scamadviser reveals that they are new and they have not stayed for up to a year and they have up to 3070 report requests. So, you shouldn’t join their program.


They said they can pay users up to N40,000 but who has yet provided any screenshot of proof than the three popular edited screenshots?

Of course, no one.

And they claimed to pay up to 20,000 people in January and February but no one has been able to bring about a new payment proof about their program.

A program that promised to gain money from the pop-up advert they integrate on their site, isn’t that obvious enough to detect scam from them?

No popular advert company, even almighty AdSense – owned by by Google, can pay N400 per impression or clicks on their AD.


Do you notice that once you register on the Joomta program, they don’t ask for email verification and I think your email is safe..

because they only want to serve you Ad and make money.

Once you join the website, they make money from those AD you click on and left you suffering gathering more members to also click on it.

And after hustling your members, they rip you of your money and tell you that the “program is not available in your country“.


1. Go to their Settings and remove your bank details.
2. Remove your email as well.
3. Delete the account.




What’s your say about Joomta and how has this scam review helped you from participating on the fraudulent program?


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