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Do you offer any product or service that will interest our audience? Jaysciencetech is an avenue to spread word about your business.

Our Google Analytics traffic stats (May-June 2018):

  •  10,000 daily page views (your advert will be displayed over 10,000 times daily)
  • Over 500,000 monthly unique visits (your advert will be seen by over 500,000 users monthly)
  • About 90% new visitors monthly (your advert will be displayed to over 500,000 new potential customers every month)
  • Over 75% visits from Google (your advert will be seen by a new audience every day, not by repeat readers who will mostly ignore it).

Audience profile

  • About 40% of our readers  are Nigerians, 35% USA, 20% UK and others, who visits after searching Google for various information and search queries.
  • Because most visits are from search engines, 75% of our visitors are new visitors. So, if a set of visitor/user see your advert this month, another new set  will see it next month — which means more exposure for you advert.

Advert slot options

  • Header 350 x 100 Banner 
  • Left Sidebar 150 x 200 Banner 
  • Right Sidebar 300 x 120 Banner 
  • Sponsored Post 
  • Background Takeover (Full Site Background) 
  • Text link ads at the bottom of all posts 
  • Targeted ad: An advert in a targeted post page 

Fantastic ! I am interested. What Should I Do Next?

Send a mail to us with the subject “Interested in a Sponsored Post/ADVERTISEMENT.  If you’re for advertising, kindly indicate  which advertising slot.
Alternatively, You Can Text Us On 08162534441