Frequently asked questions

  1. Enter  the exact amount of  digital currency e.g BTC that you want to convert into fiat.
  2. Input your receiving  ecurrency data e.g for PayPal, input your PayPal email  address and make sure it's  absolutely correct.
  3. Send exact amount of BTC and we will do the rest by funding your PayPal account within Minutes of approval. 
  4. Enjoy your fiat and spend it anywhere.

Depending  on demand, it could be longer. To check status of your transaction please use check transaction status form or contact our support. 

There is minimum 10 USD and no maximum amount that you can exchange. Feel free to exchange any amounts. If you exchange more than 1 BTC please contact our support to get more details about exchange speed.

You must use your own personal or business account. Your account should be verified, not just registered and with trading history. 

You must check your PayPal account before click exchange button. If you submit incorrect PayPal email, we wont be responsible for any loss incurred. 

As you know PayPal doesn’t allow any currency exchange so we can split payments for security reasons to avoid any risks for you and for us. 

Do not worry. Your request will be on pending until we will get full amount. 

You can cancel your exchange request before we start processing it and we will refund your  fund to your wallet fully