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Tips on how to use exam past questions to your success in Nigeria.

Outlined below are tips on how to use exam past questions to your success in Nigeria.

1. Get the past question

Naturally, this is this is the first step to take towards preparing for any aptitude test in Nigeria. You must find a trusted platform or agent to download the updated version of past questions of your desired test. Two of the best platforms in Nigeria for aptitude test past questions include Testsregard and Eduregard, you can check them out on google.

2. Practice the Aptitude Test Questions

Your confidence increases as you practice more aptitude test past questions. This also increases your experience with the various kind of questions, especially when you’re preparing for abstract reasoning.

3. Do Not Make Wild Guesses

You may be tempted to guess the answers to questions, rather than attempt to understand them. This is a bad idea. Understanding the question provides the insight and experience needed to answer other similar questions.

4. Put Yourself in the Exam Condition

Before attempting any past question, put yourself in the exam condition. Imagine yourself in the examination hall, use a stopwatch to time yourself appropriately. If the exam body does not allow the use of a calculator, do not use it.

Do this every day within a week of the examination.

On a Final Note

It doesn’t matter which aptitude test you’re preparing for, whether it’s a bank job at Access bank PLC, MTN scholarship test or UNILORIN post UTME examination, the right past question helps you prepare adequately, then it’s up to you to be diligent and hardworking.

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