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Which gaming genre do you think has good scope in India?

Gaming industry is boosting in India. People love playing games online whenever they are bored. Gaming has really good market in India. I wanted to know which gaming genre do you think has good scope in India? Any suggestions?

I believe that in India where population is above 1.29 billion out of which 50% is below age of 25, the scopes are unlimited.

Problems that gaming industry face in India

  • There is lack of educational institutions providing Game Development as a full course in their curriculum. So most of the game developers in India are self taught. They have to compete with the experienced professionals world wide. So the skills are not at par with international counterparts.
  • Investors here are not very enthusiastic when it comes to game development as risk is high.

The need of hour is to increase the quality of games which need a lot of skills , time and money. With many studios working now a days in India and growing profitable, they will eventually be able to produce games to compete at international market. The scope and future of gaming industry in India will depend on the people who are currently working on it.

With increasing participation of people in events like NGDC the future seems to be very hopeful.