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    1. Firstly make sure the laptop is completely shut down (not just asleep), then unplug it.

    2. Next, you need to access your laptop’s memory bay by removing all or part of the laptop’s bottom. Most vendors provide disassembly instructions in a products’ service manual, which can usually be found on the website’s support sections.

    Fortunately, getting inside our Aspire E 15 is a snap: Just remove three screws on the expansion bay door. Note: Not all Aspire E 15s are designed this way. Some older models require the entire bottom cover to be removed.

    3. Next, try to discharge any built-up static electricity by touching a nearby metal object, such as a file cabinet. If you’re super-cautious, you could buy an antistatic wrist strap, but unless you’re working on shag carpet on a low-humidity day, you’ll probably be okay.

    4. Install the memory module. The memory module has a small notch in it that should match up with a nub in the slot (see picture below). If you put the memory in backwards it simply won’t fit, so don’t force it.

    The notch in the memory module should line up with the slot. The top module shows about how much of the contact should be visible after inserted.

    When you’re sure you have it aligned correctly, put the memory in at a slight angle until the contact fingers are mostly inserted into the slot. We find that putting our thumbs on the corners usually gives us the leverage needed to insert the module. Once it’s inserted, slowly tilt the the module down until the two metal arms on the sides snap into place with a soft click. Gently lift each side of the module a tiny bit to make sure it’s locked in. It shouldn’t budge.

    Tilt the memory at a slight angle and then use your thumbs to carefully push it into the slot until you can barely see the gold contacts. The memory should lie flat in the slot. If you need to remove the module, just use your fingernails to bend out the metal arm on each side of the module a millimeter or two. You may need to do this simultaneously depending on how strong the spring is in the slot. Once it’s fully released, the module should spring up so you can remove it.

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