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Tag: Biology class

Birth, Death, and Chance The Dynamics of Elephant Populations

Birth, Death, and Chance The Dynamics of Elephant Populations The dynamics of elephant populations hold great theoretical and practical interest. The elephant shares many demographic...

Classification Of Brewing Adjuncts And Advantages Of Using Solid Adjuncts.

        Adjuncts are used on brewhouse operations to increase extract yield and beer stability and possibly to reduce cost.   Adjuncts may also...

How Plantain And Banana Are Been Managed and cultivated In Nigeria

Preamble Plantain and Bananas are collectively edible plant products. These plants (musa spp) belongs to the genius Musa. Banana and plantain is widely spread across Nigeria, and...

Animal Reproduction

Introduction  Reproduction, the conception, development and bringing forth of young offspring, is one of the characteristics of living things.  It may be denoted as sexual, in which case...

What Are Viruses

Viruses are a group of diseases-causing microorganism which can infect cells of living organism. Viruses cause different diseases in human beings, some of them sexually...

Dangers of Drug Abuse in Today’s Life

 Dangers of Drug Abuse in Today's Life Introduction Drugs are primarily meant for curing of illness or infections of any kind including viral infections usually caused by...

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